We will be selling our wares at a gig near you, but if you want some quality vegan merch RIGHT NOW, we have you covered!

Courtesan – Debut album Eco Digi-pack with 12 Page Booklet | £10

“Don’t forget THIS at the end of 2018 when ‘Album of the Year’ time comes around….

…Against all the odds, despite breaking every rule in the book, even though they are weird, wired, loopy, mis-matched, wonky and strange – this is probably the best combination of wit, poetry, surf-punk, feminine post-punk blues and existential angst with added sarcasm and feedback that you will hear, this or any year, I salute The Flux Capacitors -and wish they were the perennial support band in my home town!”
– Louderthanwar

Recycled high quality printed card CD of our debut album Courtesan. In keeping with our vegan ethics this album is entirely recycled and recyclable. The discs trays are not made from plastic like most CDs, but are made from recycled egg boxes and have a central cork stud to mount the disc on. The four page printed outer is also made from 100% recycled card stock with a slightly rougher texture than the standard digipaks.


Flux Capacitors “Mr Sausage” T-shirts | £15

Screen printed t-shirt with Flux Caps emblem front and back. Designed in homage to Mr Sausage, our mascot and star of our music videos.

Design by Ruby Brown – www.instagram.com/ruby.bwn