The Flux Capacitors are a three piece vegan rock band from Bristol. Lead guitarist Hazel Winter has headlined Reading Festival, toured Europe, and played the Glastonbury pyramid stage during her time with 80s Art Rock group The Blue Aeroplanes. These are moments she tries to hang on and hug to herself while pushing an amp through the streets of Berlin in a supermarket shopping trolley at bastard o clock in order to play a gig with a couple of 20 year old lads who have basically got her into the band because she’s Got A Car.

“The Flux Capacitors have pretty much torn pages out of the rule book, rolled them up and smoked them….what did we learn tonight as we leave sonically battered and lyrically bruised after our warped encounter? If anything that you can escape convention, be lyrically subversive underneath an avalanche of melodic noise, samples and hooks… you can also have a good time doing it”
– Egigs

“Adrenaline fuelled action, piercing guitar lines, hard pounding drums and roaring riffs, [debut single] Melt packs one hell of a wallop bulldozing anything that stands in its way..”
– Tap The Feed

“That was astonishing, can we be in your band?”
– Nigel Blackwell (Half Man Half Biscuit)